Monday, December 14, 2009

I had food poisoning today, Oh joy!

When your told that a chicken pie is old, and you should throw it out, do it.
Eating it like a dumbass like me will only make you sick.

Spent my entire morning, which could have been better spend elsewhere, throwing up and sipping water in bed until I felt better.

Not one of my better mornings I assure you.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

I bought a PSP

Today, I bought myself a PSP.

Been meaning to get myself one for awhile now, and I was planning of getting myself one for Christmas, but I found a good pre Christmas deal I couldn't refuse.

Got a PSP, a 1GB memory stick, and Gran Turismo, for the bundle price of 4$ over usual retail price. Good deal I think.

Also got Final Fantasy: Dissidia. It looks like a cool game with some of my series favorites in it.
Controls are a little weird, but it's still good.

Well, I think that's my major spending for the year..... won't be doing that again anytime soon.


My work published in EON?

Well, CruzyKinux has come through for me recently, by getting me in contact with the publisher from EON magazine, seeding the idea of working with them to give me some leverage with CCP.

Why didn't I think of that?

Anyways, the publisher seems willing to hear me out, and I have already sent some of my better work from my portfolio to him, and am working on some more eye catching work.

So hopefully, if I'm half as good as I think I am, I may end up with my work published in the EON magazine.
Fucking A.

This could be very good, not only to gain notice of CCP in the short run, which in my opinion still won't be enough to get me in this time around.
But, if I were to continue working with them and get my work published in EON month after month, in six months time when I'm skilled up to where I think I need to be to get into CCP, then I'll also have something pretty decent on my resume to flaunt.

So in short, if I miss this time, this will almost certainly get me hired six months later.

So lets see if they will publish my work.

Cheers CrazyKinux.