Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MO Open Beta

Well, yesterday Mortal Online's open beta started.... sort of.
Like damn near everything in MO, the patcher doesn't work most of the time.

After watching the forums, no end of problems have ensued from patchers breaking, desinc and lag, to the server crashing over night. (the devs were asleep at the time, so I'll cut them some slack)

Not a good start.

As for myself, I have even been able to get pass the broken launcher, due to the ever popular, yet seemingly impossible revision error, said the dev Sebastion Perrsson.

You'd think they could at least make a functioning patcher, but no, apparently even that is beyond their grasp.

I can't help but feel that Starvault is doomed in the long run if they struggle with even the most basic of things, but maybe it's harder then I think.
But in saying that, I've played many more low budget games, and few of them have these kinds of problems.

Nothing will suck modivation from you quicker then a crap patcher.


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