Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boot to the Face

After an ongoing email conversation with Kelley Barnes-Harmann today, I feel a little less then enthused. She must have had her suit on, she was not playing.
The consistent feeling I was getting from her, was that I'm in for a world of hurt as to the likeness of me getting in at this point in time.
A shear cliff if you will.

Well that's good, I like a challenge.

Never the less, I have to face the realization, which I was already acutely aware of, that I may not be hired this time around.
That's fine.

I'll just have to buckle down and try again 6 months from now.

Of coarse I'm still going to finish my portfolio and submit it, even if I do get kicked in the face.
At the very least I'll learn where the benchmark is, and that'll give me an accurate direction to go in.
No more stabbing in the dark.

Still, all things considered, that when well I think.


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