Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out with the new, In with the old.

Well, since I haven't put up a blog post in lord knows how long, here's an update of what I've been up to gaming wise.

Over the last couple of months, I have been playing the Mortal Online open beta with a friend of mine. And until the news of it's impending release, we kind of had a crappy time.
Let's face it, the game just sucks.
It's holly incomplete, boring, and buggy as hell with zero content.
We both felt it was time to wash our hands with it and move onto something more interesting.

As such, he convinced me to try out Final Fantasy 11, which he used to play a while back and enjoyed it quite a lot. I never got into it because it didn't come across a solo friendly, and I'm not a fan of level centric games by any stretch of the imagination.
However, over the last couple of days, the FF11 trial has been really fun.
Sure the game is dated, but it's seasoned as well. There is just a hell of a lot of things to do.

There is quite a lot of grinding involved, but I'm not minding it that much. Mostly because I'm playing with someone else, and partly because they've made the game a great deal easier, and soloable.

So by the end of the trial, I may very well shell out for this game.
It starts with a 15$ purchase, that includes all the expansions, plus 30 days game time.
Pretty damn good deal I think.
And to make things sweeter, the subscription is cheaper than usual.
Only 12.50$ per month rather than the 15$. Hell, I'll take it.

But so far, there really hasn't been anything too objectionable about the gameplay.
It's just fun...... grindy yes, but fun non-the-least.

So if it continues to go well, I think I'll update my blog a bit more often with news of my adventures in FF11...... at least until Final Fantasy 14 comes out.


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