Thursday, September 17, 2009

And now we wait

"Eric Flannum: Unfortunately we aren't speaking about specific game mechanics until sometime early next year.|"

God fucking damn it!

Another interview for Guild War 2 yielded this quote, which effectively means we are not going to hear anything substantial until next year.

The problem with releasing information like this is, by releasing info AFTER you've already put in the hard yards to set the mechanics in stone, if you wind up getting poor feedback, because you may have cocked something up big time along the way, it's already too late by that point to do anything.
(namely with core mechanics)

They're setting themselves up for a fall (in which almost every MMO studio does aswell), and so they better get it right the first time, because in the industry today, there is no forgiveness.

I hope they get it right, for both our sakes.


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