Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Champions Online stock in Freefall

Is it me, or has there been a hell of a lot of bad press on Champions lately?

It seems that every conceivable cock up possible, Cryptic are stumbling halfassed into them.
Really, I didn't think they were that bad of a development studio (thou, a bit vanilla), but could they play it any worse?

Their recent escapade involved completely borking in game defense and healing skills, while simultaneousness cranking up mob difficulty. Result, breaking soloiblity and royally pissing off a whole lotta fokes.
Yeah.... stay classy Cryptic.

While I admit mistakes happen, and if they role this back, no harm no foul I say. But this has been one of several mistakes in recent history, and all just before release.
It just doesn't make you look too good, ya'know.

Too me, someone who was on the fence as to play it or not, this does not exactly inspire confidence. It seems the more I hear on Champions, the less I want to hear on Champions.
Their stock with me is dropping fast, and at this point I find it very unlikely I'll even give it the time of day.

But in saying that, WoW apparently had a real shit time at launch..... so by comparison, I suppose Cryptic could to worse.
(but then I don't play WoW, and we are less tolerant nowadays)

Just..... try not to break anything else between now and launch.
Can you do that Cryptic?


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