Friday, November 5, 2010

Vindictus News: 06/11/2010

This is the first in a what will hopefully be a long series of topics, the weekly news and ongoings of Vindictus, with my 120 cents.

So, what's going on this week.

It's been little over a week since the third character, Evie, was released to us to fondle and play with. As of Nov 03, her secondary weapon, the Battle Scythe, was introduced.
Gained at level 24 by speaking with Brynn.

It has a very long reach and fast, wide sweeping attack, making it ideal for dealing with masses of lesser enemies.
Not only that, it has six skills to it at this time, three of which can be gained at level 24 as well. (I have yet to verify this myself thou)

Her scythe skills include:
  • Drain (lvl 24): Steals health directly from your foe, replenishing your own.
  • Spirit Bind (lvl 24): Summons a wisp like companion, that attacks and distracts your enemies.
  • Blink (lvl 24): Teleports you a short distance in the direction your facing.
  • Mark of Death (lvl 32): Marks a foe, turning them into a grenade ready to explode and take out their allies on a moments notice.
  • Insane Reaper (lvl 36): Increases stamina and attack speed of the party for 60 seconds.
  • Bloody Thread (lvl 40): Apparently binds to several targets, allowing to remotely damage them, or even instantly kill them outright. (may not be active in Vindictus atm)
So, bloody powerful in other words.
Why exactly would I use the staff again?

Anyhow, please keep in mind that this may not be entirely accurate and is subject to change.
Please refer to this link for more information on Evie's skills.

New tokens have been added called 'Crimson Tokens', which for all intends and purposes function like Platinum Tokens, but without the luck and experience bonus.
However, you can also trade them with other players, and they can also be used to pay for other peoples boat rides.

You can buy them at the Supply Depot with NX credits.
The prices are:
- 1 Crimson Token: 250
- 10 Crimson Tokens: 2200
- 30 Crimson Tokens: 5900

To promote the introduction of these new tokens, two new events have been spawned.
Vindictus Elections: As of Nov 03 to Nov 24, several of the towns folk of Colhen are up for election to become the mayor of Colhen.
The candidates are:
- Gallagher: A Republican.
Ferghus: A drunk Democrat.
Reilly: An Independent nut factory.

Where the actual playerbase comes in is with a Poster Contest.
You can win up to 50000 NX, and the two runner ups get 10000 NX.

Submissions will be accepts until Nov 15, and on Nov 17 the three winners per candidate will be announced.
Sounds pretty gimmicky to me. But whatever.

The second event is the Guild Master event.
Between Nov 03 and Nov 09, guild masters are encouraged to recruit as many new people as possible. The more you recruit, the more Crimson Tokens your will earn your guild.

10-19 Members: 10 Crimson Tokens
20-29 Members: 30 Crimson Tokens
30-49 Members: 50 Crimson Tokens
50+ Members: 70 Crimson Tokens

This looks like a pretty good way to get more people invested in the game, which can only be a good thing.

With these new events, old events have closed.
Halloween has come to an end, all the decorations are now down, and it's daylight outside.
So no more Halloween candies or packages. Boo....

Apparently now you can buy NX credits via AT&T mobile phones.
Good for them. More details can be found here.

And lastly the Vindictus website now have a welcome page, with links to several related sites, giving a general starter guide.
This should help new players get sorted.
But you know what they don't have?
A guide on how to connect to Vindictus via proxy server.

Still, it's a welcome change.

Well, that basically sums up the news for this week.
Catch me again next week for another news update.
And please look forward to the first episode of Vindicast: the Vindictus podcast that I will be starting later tonight, and should have it uploaded over the next couple of days or so.
I'll post a link once I find somewhere to host it.... I've got a pretty good idea where thou.

Have fun, and go play Vindictus all bloody ready.


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