Saturday, August 8, 2009

Die, Bunny, DIEEE!!!

Been playing a indy game lately that really is not half bad, called Bunny Must Die : Chelsea and the 7Devils.
Now, it's a castlevania/metriod like 2D-platformer game, with an anime style.
And it is really, really bloody hard. Kind of takes you back to the bad old days on comodor64.
But at the same time, it's quite fun, a very damn funny. The people that made this game have a very good sense of humor.
Some of the bosses will make you piss yourself laughing.

Now you start of as Bunny, a bunnygirl who is actually a bunny, with a cat curse, who is very, very flat. And with her you'll litery be bouncing off the walls, running very fast, and jump-kicking all over the place. She uses castlevania like weapons such as daggers and boomerangs.
Oh, and she can manipulate time. Very useful.

After beating the game with her, you play as Chelsea, a elf princess.
With her you will be slow but steady, floating around, and blowing shit up.
This girl is a walking terminal nuclear warhead. Later in the game, you can walk in a room, and make everything die, painfully.
She is also surprisingly mobile.

But don't take it lightly, you will die a lot in this game, and some rooms and bosses will make you scream in agony. (the nice kind of agony)
Prepare to buy a new keyboard.

I highly recommend it, as it isn't very big, and is completely free. Can't argue with that price.
Good game to play for five minutes while you put the jug on.
Here's a link to it - Bunny Must Die.

One thing thou, is that it is in Japanese, so you will not likely understand the plot (not that it makes any sense anyhow), but then you don't need to. The game is straight forward, and easy to understand.

But if you really must know, you can watch this walkthrough on youtube, which has a translation overlaid the text, with full on commentary from the bloke playing it.

Now go out and play it, and have fun dying. :)


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