Sunday, August 16, 2009

A quick Update

Well, I haven't posted a blog post in a few days, but then I might not do much blogging on the weekends anyways, as I prefer to spend my time elsewhere.

Not much going on. Mostly spending my time working on my art, trying to figure out Corel Painter 11, as it is no walk in the park. Getting there thou.
Made my first picture in it the other day, just a sketch that I did with a single brush, but ok non the less.

Based on Koakuma, from the Touhou series, which as I find is quite the internet phenomena.
I'm only really been playing Touhoumon, a rom hack of pokemon: fire red.
And as you could guess, it's replaced all the pokemon with Touhou characters, as there is and insane number of them.
Reasonably fun.

Nothing all that interesting going on otherwise. I think I'll listen to some podcasts today, and maybe today or tomorrow watch that Second Skin doco people are on about, and give my commentary on it I suppose.

Well, I've got art to do.


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