Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moron writes article for The Escapist

Yeah, if you've been to Massively or The Escapist already, then you probably know where this is heading.

Read the article earlier today, and my first impression of this man, Jeremy Monken, is 'frecken moron'.

Now first, I do feel for the guy, as he did lose his job and all, and it sucks to be him. (lifes a bitch, didn't you know?)
But his whiny-ass reasons, as to why he thinks Warhammer Online became a failboat, shows me one thing...... he didn't know a damn thing. Nor did it seem like he learned anything from the experience either.

'Gold spammers and cheaters killed the game I was working on', get off the fucking grass noddy!
Warhammer didn't fail because of outside interference, it failed because it was a steaming pile of shit. It was built on a foundation of crap, and when it sinks you complain it's the fault of the flies.
I have no sympathy for someone that thick.

However, it could have been avoided if EA weren't a bunch of corporate thugs, that fired far too quickly and far too much, as soon as their shitty product ran into turbulence. That way, they guaranteed that the faults that caused War's demise would never get fixed, and thus send it on a one way street into the gutter.
Stay classy EA.

But to fair, it seems like he was only there for 6 months or so. So he couldn't really do that much in that time span, and most of the fail was already baked in at that point, so I give him slack on that point. But FFS, grow a spine.
Mythic built a piece of crap, and EA ran it into the ground.
Get a clue, and be fucking honest. Even if you burn your bridges, they didn't deserve you in the first place if that's the case.


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