Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guild Wars 2 - Light my Fire

Well, as I've stated before I had lost interest in this game as it has been 2 years since I had heard anything on it. Consider my flame rekindled.

Arenanet just released a 4 page preview and a 5min trailer.
Way to put up. It seems they've been busy little bees.

Color me impressed.
The trailer itself was quite appeasing. Not only gorgeous in that stylized kind of way Arenanet does, but it actually shows gameplay graphics as well, which are very, very nice. On par with Aion I'd say.

And the preview gave us a glimpse into how it will work. However of course they didn't reveal anything too specific, they did note that it will be more soloable then before, have open world persistence, have a new quest/event system, and possibly improve their skill system.
Oh, and you can jump too. ^^

So, nothing but gold so far.

While I admit that I am still a bit skeptical, as they did state originally that they will look at the level system, and their news about the skill system is a tad troubling.
But it seems they've learned they cocked up a fair bit in Guild Wars, so they may very well make things even better rather then worse.

And they did say they were keeping to the central tenants of GW. So that's reassuring.

Still, their not out of the woods yet, but we can see daylight.

So consider yourself at they top off my 'must buy' list GW2.
Don't disappoint me now.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go watch that trailer again.