Thursday, July 21, 2011

10th Bronze match - 21th July, 2011.

Hey, another Terran, and one who didn't suck, how about that?

My Silver Terran, SonofThor, did something rather annoying in this match.
He Blue Flame Hellion dropped me, and boy do I suck when I'm under pressure.

He did terrible, terrible damage, and yet, I still won convincingly.

"Oh god, it BURNS!"

His Hellions came in, roasted most of my expo's drones, then went into my main, and did the same.
I think I killed two of the three hellions, he killed some 30 drones....... yeah, I suck.
Even when I had a bunch of Roaches, I still lost all these drones.

"If only I could lift off....."

When I finally shooed him out of my base, I remacroed and took and ninja expansion and got Hydras. He on the other hand, even thou he had an early CC, he didn't expand for the longest time.
All he did was put on a ton more production, which he couldn't possibly use, a built up a few Marines and Tanks.

"Pay back's a bitch."

Once I was back on my feet, I dropped a mid-size army in the back of his base, and his own buildings prevented him from getting back into his own base except in single file.
By that time half his base was gone, and while he mopped up my first force, my second wave hit his expo and after killing a ton of SCV's, I caught his tanks out of position and killed them with minimal losses.

"Single file, no rushing now."

He then called GG.

All in all, he did very well with his Hellion drops, more due to me sucking under pressure.
However, his extremely late expansion and poor base layout kicked him square in the ass.

I on the other hand need to work on my ability to deal with pressure.
First I think I need to build a few additional Queens early on, so I have something to fight back with, esp as the early pressure that seems to be mostly screwing me up is air based.
Given my current build, I can easily afford it.

Got to try and not lose 30 drones next time.


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