Thursday, July 21, 2011

9th Bronze match - 19th July, 2011.

Another one sided smackdown.

But it's a Terran this time, Silver apparently, I don't believe it, this guy sucked ass.
My opponent NOS, rushed for Vikings even thou he had less then 20 SCV's........ and sat on them the entire match.
He must have had 12 Vikings by the end of it, fat lot of good they did.

"Hey Vikings....... how about you use them? How about now? Now?"

He also had a obsession with Missile Turrets, I don't know why he was expecting Muta's.

"Paranoid much?"

I on the other hand just expanded all over the map, and did my usual Roach/Hydra drop play.
Of coarse this gutted his main, and he even landed his Vikings in a vain attempt to stop me, even thou I wasn't paying any attention at all.

"Where are thou's Turrets when you need them?"

I ended up pulling back and remaxing and pushing his PF and wiped him out.
There really was nothing to this game. I macroed up, and went in and kill him, the end.

Some people just suck I guess.


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