Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Re-Inventing the blog.

I've decided that I need to redo this blog, as I just have not been using it for like a year or so.
Mainly I think because I didn't have anything regular to talk about that I thought was interesting.

Well, I have something now. (even though I would bet my bottom dollar that there are plenty of blogs like this by now)
I decided to make it a Starcraft 2 focused blog, showing my step by step progress up the ladder, featuring each 1v1 league battle I participate in, and what my thought process was at the time.

Since I play at least one game a day, it will be a daily thing.

While I may also go on about other topics from time to time, I think I'd rather just keep it simple and focus of SC2 for the time being.

PS: please ignore everything bar the Vindictus stuff that came for this post. :p


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