Thursday, July 14, 2011

3rd & 4th Bronze match - 14 July, 2011.

Had two matches today to make up for not playing yesterday.
Even still, I walked all over both my opponents.

My first opponent of the night was a Terran called Audi.
He fancied himself a gold player, and I believe him. First opponent that could actually macro..... well, somewhat.

I did my usual early expand and scout.
Saw he wasn't being aggressive, so I went ahead and macroed, got some roaches and knocked down my back door expo's rocks and took an early 3rd.

What I didn't know is that he had already done so and had taken it as is natural expo.
Good on him.
"Clever girl."

He eventually made a push with a rather decent size force of Marines and Marauders, which I saw a mile away and added a good lot of Hydras to my Roach and Queen ball.
When he got to my backyard, I ate him alive, but he had the good sense to pull back with what he had left.
"Fighting a Zerg on his own turf? Good luck with that."

I then setup for a drop, got more Hydras, and took two more bases just in case.
I quickly hit max and made a final two pronged attack, first pushing a bunch of Hydras toward is 3rd and engaged his forces, but with 2+2 upgrades, my Hydras dominated.
In the mean time my drop began to ravage his base, to which he tapped out.

At least he put up a fight.
"Faint with the left...."

"......knock his teeth out with the right."

My second opponent was a Protoss called illuminatiBP, and man did he suck.
Pro tip, don't try to get every tech tree option. When I finally got in his base he had a little bit of everything, but no where near enough to spend his money.

"Agh, what a mess."

I early expoed and scouted, and saw yet another fast forge..... what is is with Protoss and their early forge? Well, he use it to get 4 cannons and fast expo.

"Kind of a dead giveaway, isn't it?"

So I just took a 3rd because I knew he could do a damn thing about it.

"Safest expo I've ever taken."

Went straight for Mass Hydras and drop tech, and took 2 more expos.
Had a feeling he was doing DT's so I got an overseer and some Spore Crawlers.

"Hydras give great hugs."

I dropped in the back of his base and tore him a new asshole.
And he had virtually nothing to fight with but a couple of DT's..... which died very quickly.
The few Voidrays he had went straight for my Hive, but I called back a few Hydras and transfused it to keep it alive. The voids dropped, and he tapped out.

The moral of this story? Don't early expo if you don't build any production in order to spend you 3K worth of minerals.

ps: click the names for the replays.


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