Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2nd Bronze match - July 12, 2011.

My second match went much like the last one, except my opponent (dimpoTERROR) at least had the balls to make an attack.

I expanded early as usual, he cannon walled himself in, which made me a bit nervous because I thought that he might either try to cannon rush me or go voids or DT's.
But no, he just sucks.

Despite this, I did the usual drone scout on 9/10, followed up with 4 lings when my pool was done.
I grabbed the Xel'Naga tower, put one at his expo, and the other two just outside after poking in.
Feeling safe, I just macroed up and got Roach tech, got to Lair and got Roach speed.

Then I saw him pushing out, and built 4 Spinecrawlers, and built a ton of Roaches.
Of course like all Bronze players, his macro was dreadful, and so I hulk smashed his army effortlessly.
He GG'ed...... and stayed around.

"Your odds don't look too good mate."

So I made a poke with my Roaches while checking all the expos and taking a third, when I saw he had cannoned himself in I just got Overlord drops and dropped in the back of his base and found quite a few Voidrays.... but not nearly enough to stop me from gutting his base, so he made his last ditch attack.... and ran headlong into a bunch of Queens.

"Knock knock, guess who?"

One key point to note is that my instant reaction to smashing his army was not to hastily rush up and kill him, even in this instance I knew full well that I could. I could have lost a lot of forces if I rushed.
My reaction was to get even further ahead by getting an expansion, and denying him his.
In this situation, patience is a virtue. When ahead, get further ahead.

"Gee, you think?"

That's all for this game.
Here's the replay as per usual.


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