Friday, July 22, 2011

11th Bronze match - 22 July, 2011.

Terrans just like to drop me..... but to be fair, so do I.

My opponent Bloodhunter, went mass Marine with Medivac support.
I expanded and teched to Hydras and drops as per usual.

Even thou I got additional Queens, spread creep, and placed a few Zerglings around in order to see them, I should have done the same with my Overlords so I could have seen it coming.
To be fair, they did brush up against my sight, but I wasn't paying enough attention to catch it.

"That's..... really annoying."

Either way, a bunch of Marines dropped into my expo and wiped out the drones there, but I managed to counter with my Roach and Hydras before they could kill my hatch.

I then remacroed my drones into my 3rd, and got more Roach/Hydra.
Once my drop tech was up, I as usual dropped into the back of his base and as usual they never see it coming.
I even spread a little creep just out of spite.

"That's.... really annoying."

Got to do a little better watching my minimap and positioning Overlords.
But I did get my Zergling portrait for this win, so that was something.


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