Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4v4, 3v3, and 2v2 play history.

Before getting into 1v1's, I wanted to feel comfortable just playing first.
So I started with 4v4's, then 3v3, and lastly 2v2, before moving onto 1v1.

And even though Day(9) once said this is the order you should start playing Starcraft 2 after the singleplayer, I never really did until World of Tanks 15v15 showed me what a clusterfuck random mutliplayer can be, and how I really don't give a shit anymore.

So I started with 4v4 and played about 10 games or so.
The highlight game I had was the very first which was such a ridiculous game that lasted an hour.

Almost right off the bat two of our allies leave, but I never realized it. Fortunately they both had a good amount of workers plus gas, so me and my last ally got crazy income.
Of coarse I had no way to spend so much money, but I teched quickly to Mutaling and started poking while my ally started getting mass Thor's.

In the end he mopped up with a ton of Thor's while I harrassed most of the time, until I finished them up with mass Ultralisk + Nydus worms.

Then I went onto 3v3, playing a dozen games.
I think I had the most fun here, as it didn't feel quite as clusterfuckery as 4v4, or as rush orientated at 2v2.
My highlight game was a simple and straight forward game, where I was given time to macro with an early expo, and after my allies held off an early tank-marine push, we countered and smashed them.

One ally went with mass Mutalisk, the other had a bunch of Stalkers.
I dropped with Mass Queen with a dash of Hydralisk.
Yeah, Mass Queen. And I gutted his base, even when his Stalkers came back to defend.
Queens with transfuse, and a couple of Hydra's are stupidly tough.

Even got a message after the game from one of my allies who thought it was hilarious.

Lastly before 1v1, was 2v2....... I really hated 2v2.
Only played 6 games before dropping it like a sack of hammers.
Most of the games ended with pissy little rushes, and I just fucking hate rushes.

The only game of note was where my ally rushed, and hurt the enemy Zerg drone line, before his Protoss ally defended and threw him out. With both the enemy and my allies economy in shambles, I expanded really early and got a butt ton of Lings and Banelings.

I went through the back door and finished off the poor Zerg, which was having a really bad day, and poked at the Protoss before his forcefields forced me to fall back and mass up.
In the mean time I took 2 more expansions.

Then the toss pushed one of my expos, and I just overwhelmed him with pure numbers and crushed his army, and he called it a day.

When I was finally sick and tired of multiplayer, I went onto 1v1..... which I'll cover on the next post.

My review, Starcraft 2 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 machups, is really a complete custerfuck.
The game just is not built around it, nor balanced for it. And so rushes are very common, and pure stupidity ensues.
On the bright side, you can do just about any stupid strategy you want and get away with it...... if you don't die within the first 5 minutes of the game that is.

I think I'll stick with 1v1, because at least then I can improve my gameplay.


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