Monday, July 18, 2011

8th Bronze match - 18 July, 2011.

My first ZvZ since I've been playing in the 1v1 Bronze league, and it was an interesting, while slightly nerve wracking experience.

My opponent Jules, a Gold level Zerg player opened up with a ton of aggression getting his gas before pool, and start pumping nothing but Lings while getting speed.
No expo, nothing but pure Ling aggression early on.

"Dead giveaway to early ling aggression."

I however saw this with my scouting overlord as it was Metalopolis, and my instinctive reaction was throw down a early pool, and build an auxiliary hatch on top of my ramp instead of expanding, because what I needed was larva, not another mineral line.
And man was that the right decision.

"I love you ax-hatch, smother them with your fatness."

When his lings push, the few that I had just wasn't enough and the 4 remaining lings could have done a lot of damage, if my 2 Queens hadn't sandwiched them between my ramp and my ax-hatch, picking them off with ease.
I then positioned them on the ramp and held position preventing reinforcements from getting up.

I continued to get lings until my Roach Warren got up, and quickly started pumping as many Roaches as I could, while I scoated with my lings and saw he STILL didn't have an expo.
I thought this was really odd, so I look at his 3rd, still nothing.
Ran into his base and holy batmat Baneling, there we're a lot of Lings and Banelings being morphed.
Needless to say, I knew a big push was coming.

"That ling must be pissing himself right now."

I got another Spinecrawler on my ramp (thankyou ax-hatch), and switched from drones back to pumping nothing but roaches while I got the +1 attack.
By this time I had my expo up, and easily had twice as many drones as he did.
Building so many lings off of one base makes you unable to build any drones as you just don't have the larva. But I didn't have that problem.

So when his force made it's attack, we traded forces pretty well as I backed up to the wall with my spines stabbing his lings in the eye, and I came out with about 6 roaches left.
But I was able to easily remacro up a massive roach force and found his ninja expo with a few lings.

"Good thing Roaches kill Banelings, eh?"

Why he didn't just take his expo, I'd never know.
But I just ran up and killed it with my roaches as I took a 3rd.

He counter attacked with his lings, but I had more roaches at home and I easily defended, then I walked into his base uncontested as he GG'ed.

The thing about early aggression is that you had better hope you do a ton of economic damage, otherwise your opponent is going to be in a massive lead and will likely smash you a little later on, just like I did.

It could have gone the other way in all honesty, but my instincts we're bang on and I reacted correctly. Especially the auxiliary ramp hatch, that saved my ass.
Got to remember that against early Zerg aggression.


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