Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1st Bronze match - July 11, 2011.

I decided right from the get go that I wanted to start in Bronze, and work my way up.
So I forfeited all of my placement matches, and started at the bottom of the barrel.

My 1st match was on Xel'naga Caverns against a Protoss named Tempest.
My strategy was simple, macro, build a lot of Roaches, and maybe a few Infestors, and go kill them.

Oddly the game ended without conflict. He quit as soon as he saw my army, I assume he pissed his pants because he was so far behind.
Not because of anything I did, but because his macro was crap.

"Oh dear! That's a lot of Roaches."

He fast cannon expanded, and he still had fuck all probes.

This is the number one problem I see with every Bronze player.
They can't macro.
They don't build enough workers.
They don't build them regularly.
If they do expand, it's massively late.
They get production late, and never enough.

These all add up quickly, and when they finally push, their army is pitiful.
And as a macroing player, I tend to one sidely smash them when this occurs.

"This is what a mineral line is meant to look like when you expo."

"Ah, probes dude, where are your probes?"

If your new to the game, or just in Bronze, the first thing you MUST master is macro.
Nothing will get you out of Bronze quicker, then just having a ton more crap then the other guy.

Quick tips:
  • Saturate you mineral lines ALWAYS! This means get 18-21 workers. (that 2 1/2 rows of workers when selected)
  • Gas geysers should have 3 workers on them.
  • Build workers all the time until all your mineral lines are saturated.
  • If your mineral line is saturated, it's probably time to expand.
  • Hotkey your CC's/Nexus's/Hatcheries, as well as your production facilities.
  • It's ok to have more production then you need. Too little and your totally fucked.
  • In general it's ok to have way too much of something, then not enough.
  • Just build a ton of stuff, it's really doesn't matter what.

The way I am going to approach Bronze, is just to show that you can win almost purely through macro alone.
I'm going Roach heavy atm, but I want to mass Queens...... Yes, Queens..... just to prove my point that you can win with anything if you just have lots of them.

Who needs tactics? I have mass Queen.

Here's the replay.
On a side note, I save every single match I have and watch them after the fact, no matter what happens. It's a good habit to have.


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