Sunday, July 17, 2011

5th & 6th Bronze match - July 16, 2011.

Well, I had a few more games the other day, against even more Protoss, and yet again, it was pretty one sided.

Macro people, marco.

My first match of the night was against TUMICHAEL, which like a lot of Bronze Protoss I've seen, just couldn't decided on what units he wanted..... so he just got everything.
His tech was all over the map, and while his Phoenix's did a little bit of damage, they didn't even begin to cover the cost of getting them, which ate into his ground army.

"Cute, ineffective, but cute."

So when I rolled into his base with all my Hydra's, between getting all thous air units and his tech being all over the map, his puny ground army didn't stand a chance.
Pick something a stick with it. If you get air tech, make sure you do a ton of damage or don't even bother with it in the first place.

"Stargate and Robotics and Twilight, oh my!"

Even if he just used them to pin me back in my base and took an early expo, that would have been fine. But no, his expo was late too.

All that matters in the end is who has the bigger army.

"Nice forcefields."

My second match was against kennypowers, who could of been the same person as the last guy, because he made all the same mistakes, and even a few new ones.

Again, his tech tree was all over the place, and even thou he got a lot of gateways early, he just couldn't afford to produce out of them. So there was long periods of time where he could have been building units, where instead he got tech he didn't need.

"Just going out on a limb here, but did he need that Dark Shine?"

For example he got DT's, which in the final battle didn't amount to jack shit all, because I had detection. Every single one of those DT's could have been a sentry, and he would have been much better off...... not well off not to get rolled by me, but at least he could of held off one of my forces.

"But wait, there's more!"

Yeah, I dropped half of my army in his back door, and I still won the push at the front hands down.

Long story short, don't get to many different tech building, you won't be able to afford to use them. Streamlined armies are going to work a lot better.

"You'd think he would of seen this coming."

PS: Replays uploaded.


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