Monday, July 18, 2011

7th Bronze match - 17 July, 2011.

Hey, my first loss, how about that, I'm not immortal.
It was against a fucking Diamond player..... you heard me, a Diamond player.
Something is just plain wrong with this matchup system for a Bronze leaguer with a handful of wins under his belt to be thrown up against a bloody Diamond player with some 400+ wins..... agh.

Rant aside, it was a lot closer then it felt at the time.
Don't get me wrong, he manhandled me, and my reaction to several situation was just terrible, but when the final push came, I almost held it off.
So at least macro wise, I'm apparently up there with the Diamonds, how about that.

My opponent, cGLuvi, a Protoss expanded pretty early, as did I.
But because my scouting was god awful, I didn't see his quick Voidrays until they we're right on top of my natural expo.
My response was awful, not only did I lose a whole lot of drones, but at least 2 Queens and my expo...... yeah, I'm pretty terrible under pressure, esp when I've never been in that situation before.

I did eventually repel them, fortunately my 3rd was up so I just transferred the surviving drones.
I managed to build up a pretty decently sized Roach/Hydra army and retook my natural, but when his large army of Voids/Pheniox's/DT's and Gateway force push towards my base, my force just wasn't quite large enough and fell.

"Can I call a time out?"

"Never a welcomed sight."

Then his DT's destroyed my mineral lines so I couldn't re-macro up, and I called GG.

Overall, my macro was decent, but my scouting and reaction to the Voidrays was terrible which set me up for the later loss.
It could of gone a lot better, but it's not nearly as one sided as some games I've been in.


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