Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Strategy for the Bronze League.

Since I'm in Bronze, and thus I'm directing this towards other Bronze players, I think it would be a good idea explaining what my strategy for winning in Bronze is.


That's it, really that's all it takes.
The problem with 95% of Bronze players, is that they just can't macro very well, and this cripples their ability to do really much of anything.
So when they go up against someone like me, who is fairly decent at macroing my little heart out, they can't hope to produce the shear number of units that I can field.
And so they get crushed effortlessly.

So, how do you macro?

It's pretty easy, just follow these steps.

1: Don't supply block yourself. Meaning always build more supply long before you hit the supply cap. Don't worry too much about over producing supply until you get a hang of it.

2:Produce workers consistently. Unless your gearing up for a big attack, your CC/Nexus's/Hatchieres should be build more workers at every moment in time until your mineral line is saturated. Try not to cue, but it's still better then not building at all.

3: SATURATE YOUR BLOODY MINERAL LINES! This is by far the most common macro problem I see in Bronze. Mineral lines with maybe 10 or 15 workers on them...... no wonder your broke. A saturated mineral line is 18-21 workers, not including gas.

4: Expand early and often. Zerg can afford to expand right off the bat at 15 on most maps, if not at least within the first 5mins of a game. Terran and Protoss do have early expo builds, but they are generally safer on one base, but they should expand within the first 10mins of the game.
If you can afford to get an expo, get an expo.

5: Hotkey your structures, and use your damn hotkeys. If you want to macro well, you have to use hotkeys, no way around it. Learn what the hotkeys are for your race, and use them.

That's the basic gist of it. Fortunately all of this can be learned from practicing against the computer, or thru the singleplayer campaign.
It just takes practice, and soon enough it because quite natural to be producing a ton of stuff, and your APM will also naturally increase.

If you learn to macro well, you will roll 95% of your Bronze player opponents, regardless what unit or strategy you use.


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